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April 22 2016


Game Reviews

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Ninja Ben in Mario’s world

A brand-new hero is increasing on the flash games arena, his name is Ninja Ben. Ben is a brave Japanese warrior that fights for justice and attempts to assist all those who suffer. This time he need to finish an unique mission as he is asked by his excellent old buddy Super Mario to help him rescue Princes Peach from Bowser's castle, where she is locked inside.

Our current game starts with a great animation whit Ninja Ben training in the woods trowing shurinkens and searching. Mario all of a sudden appears in a rush requesting for Ben's assistance but just as they were talking he is grabbed by Bowser with a hook and raised high in the air with the help of his helicopter cup.

Ninja Ben in Mario's world introduction


Now both Mario and Peach has to rescued by Ninja Ben yet this won't be a simple job to finish, so here the you step in and the game is now in your hands.

There are 4 levels that need to complete, followed by an end of the world versus the Bowser in in charge level, in order to save the two detainees.

Now let's talk a little about each level shall we.

The action of first level takes place in the woods where Ninja Ben aim to make his way amongst the opponents and obstacles. Some enemies will require to be struck by 2 shurikens before being beat while others only one, but you can likewise jump over their heads just as Mario normally does. This level ends when Ben reach a blue pipe that goes down into the underground world.

Ninja Ben in Mario's world level1

Here in the underground world brand-new and more unsafe opponents and challenges need to be battled and prevented. Walls will collapse and earthquake will strike just when you will less expect it so be warned.Quick hint: when you need to deal with Bullet bill followed by a row of 4 carnivore plants, jump on the canon await it to fire then rapidly trow two shurikens, run and jump immediately from one pipe to another to prevent being struck by the next canon projectile. At the end of this level you will find another pipeline that will take you into the dungeons of Bowser castle.

Ninja Ben in Mario's world level2

Now you ought to already be acquainted will all the traps set in your way however as a general advice play with care and attempt to observe your opponents routine so that you can beat them more simple. Learn what is the very best distance to release an attack on them, or select the outrun and don't combat them at all if possible.

Ninja Ben in Mario's world level 3

There is only one level left until the last conflict with the wicked beast Bowser and this last challenge is set to happen inside the castle. Now that our brave ninja hero is almost effective in his mission you must anticipate your enemies to introduce a last assault on you, frantically aiming to block your method.

Ninja Ben in Mario's world level 4

So you made it, you reached to make it safe inside the beasts liar and now you are standing face to face with him, there is no turning back now.After you defeat Bowser, Mario is released and he is the one that will give the beast the last strike that will push him into the burning lava.

Ninja Ben in Mario's world boss_level

You handled to finish your objective effective, Mario and Peach are reunited and share their love and the brave Ninja warrior is ready for the next adventure.

happy wheels

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